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Movie night "Decay" at GSI

The greatest discovery in physics could be our last



On friday 7th December, 6 p.m. we invite you to watch "Decay" exclusively at GSI lecture hall. The zombie film was shot by students at CERN.

The strange effects higgs radiataion has on living tissue makes students suspicious. To take no risk they switch off power. But it is already too late. Trapped underground in the accelerator facility they make a deadly discovery.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luNueXoAw3I

We show the film exclusively before it is released on the internet. After watching the film visitors can take part in a guided tour through the accelerator facility. The entry is free.

If you want to participate please send an e-mail including your name and the number of participants to decay(at)gsi.de.

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Image: Decay