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Thomas Stöhlker is Visiting Professor in China



On 5th October 2012 Professor Thomas Stöhlker from Germany was awarded the Certificate of Visiting Professor of the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Stöhlker obtained his Doctor degree in 1991 from University of Gießen. Now he is the head of Atomic Physics Division and Plasma Physics Division at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung in Darmstadt. Meanwhile, he is a professor at the University of Jena, the director of the Helmholtz-Institut Jena and the contact person of the Stored Particle Atomic Physics Research Collaboration (SPARC) at the Facility for Antoproton and Ion Research (FAIR).

At the ceremony, Stöhlker briefly introduced the progress of the SPARC and the FAIR Project. He expressed his appreciation and promised to do his best to promote the scientific collaboration between the two institutes.

Professor Guoqing Xiao (4th from right), director of IMP, presented Stöhlker (4th from left) the certificate.
Photo: Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences