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30 Years of Summer Student Program



Students from 18 different countries took part in this year’s Summer Student Program at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung. They gained experience not only on scientific level during the 8-week training, but also during excursions on the weekends and by cooking for each other.

Tatsuya Furuno from Kyoto takes part in this years Summer Student Program. With the team of Nuclear Reactions he is preparing an experiment to study the structure of nickel isotopes. „It is fasciniating to work with the ultra-high vacuum. I never did that before“, says Furuno. „In the last weeks I have learned a lot and getting to know people from so many countries is really great“, he adds. „It is very interesting to get a little insight in other cultures. As we all live in the same hotel, we started cooking traditional meals for each other in the evenings. We had Hungarian and Japanese Food already.“

Merle Reinhart, Summer Student from Heidelberg, takes part in the cooking evenings, too. „I made Ratatouille once, although it is not typically German.“ During the day Reinhart is working in the Biophysics Department. „I’m trying to find out more about the biological effect of helium ions in cells by analyzing radiation plans.“ Reinhart is studying physics in Heidelberg. Working at GSI gave her many new impressions. „Apart fom the scientific expertise I gained, it is very interesting to be part of a research group. I think that is an important experience for my future career.“

For 30 years now GSI invites students to stay two months in summer. The programme is organised by the graduate school HGS-HIRe (Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research) and GSI.

Applications for next year's programme in 2013 are accepted starting November 2012 at http://hgs-hire.de/summer-program/.


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M Reinhart 3
Summer student Tatsuya Furuno from Kyoto (l.) prepares experiments planned by the EXL collaboration at the experimental storage ring in the Nuclear Reactions department.
Merle Reinhart, summer student from Heidelberg, examined the effect of helium ions on cells in the Biophysics department.
Foto: M. von Schmid
Foto: K. Back, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung