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"Accelerator centers stick together"

Dr. Yoshio Yamazaki from J-PARC, Japan, thanked for GSI's donations after the tsunami



After the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan in March 2011 GSI employees collected donations. Dr. Yoshio Yamazaki, who had received them, now thanked all employees during his visit at GSI.

The tsunami and the earthquake in Japan in March 2011 demanded many victims and caused an incredible destruction. The accelerator center J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex) was affected, too. Therefore GSI employees collected 3.265 Euros and donated it to J-PARC. The research complex’ management level considered many possibilities how to spend the donation. In the end they decided to give the donation to Dr. Yoshio Yamazaki, deputy head of RCS (Rapid Cycle Synchrotron), and his family. Their home stood right next to the coast and had been severly damaged by the tsunami.

On 21 August Yamazaki thanked GSI for the donations within the target conference INTDS 2012: "In the name of my family I want to thank the GSI employees. Our home had been strongly destroyed and the financial help has helped us a lot to rebuild it. I think this shows how close the international cooperation between the accelerator centers is. Also in crises they stick together. Therefore my family and are especially happy to visit GSI now for the first time for the INTDS conference."

GSI had also offered japanese students and postdocs to continue their research project in Germany as long as the japanese accelerator was unusable because of the earthquake. Two students took the chance. This cooperation was coordinated by Dr. Kei Sugita from the accelerators department.

Yamazaki and his family thank GSI for the donations.
Photo: G. Otto / GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung