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A new LOEWE-project with the title "electron dynamics of chiral systems" (ELCH) will be supported with 4,2 million Euro funding of the State of Hessen from 2013 to 2015. GSI-scientists take part in the research lead by the University Kassel. Other participants are Justus-Liebig-University Gießen, Goethe-University Frankfurt and Technical University Darmstadt.

Systems of opposite chirality (handedness) can – like a left and a right hand – not be transformed into their mirror image by rotation, even if they consist of the same ingredients. Due to the different configuration of their constituents their interaction with their environment varies. Atomic and molecular properties are defined by the dynamics of their electron system. Up to now there was little research of this aspect as it required development of complex experimental techniques and theoretical methods only established in the recent years by the project partners. The complementary expertise of the experimentalists in ELCH now enables the scientist to use almost all chiral probes available in nature to compare them with the numerical models of the ELCH-theorists and to answer fundamental questions concerning chirality in the dynamics of electrons.

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