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„Hiking with Brigitte Zypries“ stops at GSI



On Saturday, 7 July, Brigitte Zypries, member of the Bundestag, delegated for Darmstadt and Darmstadt-Dieburg, and 50 citizens visited GSI and FAIR during their summer hiking tour.

Dr. Gerhard Kraft, biophysicist at GSI and press officer Dr. Ingo Peter received the visitors at the accelerator model besides the lake in front of the guest house and gave them a quick overview on GSI, especially the tumor therapy with heavy ions. Afterwards the group walked along the Prinzenschneise to the FAIR building site. There the hikers got latest information on the construction of FAIR and the planned research.
This trip was the first of five summer hiking tours with Brigitte Zypries through the Darmstadt region.

Brigitte Zypries and 50 hikers catch up on GSI.
At the FAIR building site Ingo Peter explains what kind of research is planned with the new particle acelerator.
(last row, left to right: Dr. Ingo Peter, Dr. Gerhard Kraft, Brigitte Zypries)
(c) D. Peter