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Wissenschaft für Alle - The new program 2011



With the new program of our German lecture series "Wissenschaft für Alle" you have the possibility to take a closer look into neutron stars (January, 26), to focus on anti-matter (February, 26) or to surf the waves with charged particles (March, 9). Our speakers from GSI or affiliated universities let us know what's behind the lead-lead collisions at the heavy ion experiment ALICE at CERN (April, 13). Or they show us the funny and thoughtful sides of physics (May, 18). Finally, we take a closer look at the GSI accelerator facility (June, 8). One facility, a thousand opportunities! The lectures are for all people who are interested in current scientific research. The lectures take place at the GSI lecture hall, starting at 2 p.m. Duration 1 hour. / Admission free. / Registration not required. For the admission, please keep a valid ID card ready. Please note that all talks will be given in German.

We look forward to seeing you here! Program Wissenschaft für Alle 2011

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