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target – Das GSI-Magazin / Issue 5



Only available in German! Only available in German! The fifth edition of our German science magazine "target" is now available, we report inter alia on the progress in the signing of the international agreement for FAIR, the summer student program at GSI and further success in tumor therapy with ion beams.

A novelty of this edition is the special feature on "Super Heavy Elements", which gives an overview of the search and discovery of heavier elements. Learn more about how a new atom is discovered and how long the path is to the naming of an element.

What's more? Minor planet ‘Darmstadt’ discovered and named by GSI employee // ROSATOM visit at GSI // LOEWE-CSC mainframe // Memorandum of Understanding between EMMI and HI-Jena // Annual Meeting of the Helmholtz Association // And much more... Subscription & Download

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