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target - Das Wissenschaftsmagazin / Issue 4



Only available in German! The fourth edition of our German science magazine "target" is now available, we report inter alia on the progress at CERN in Geneva and take acloser look at GSI's contribution to the ALICE experiment at the LHC. Back in Darmstadt: The IUPAC has agreed to call element 112 "Copernicium". It was discovered at GSI and will now find its place irrevocably in the periodic table of elements. Using the newly developed ion trap SHIPTRAP we can now examined artificially generated elements more closely. And with novel measurement systems in the HADES experiment we are on the track of more particles. In addition to reports on current events at GSI and FAIR, we also take a closer look at the GSI computer center, which evaluates not only the experiments at GSI with the performance of about 2,000 PCs, but also supports ALICE in the evaluation of the extracted data.

What's more? Opening of Helmholtz-Institute Mainz // Three Memoranda of Understanding // Seldom late effects of cancer therapy with ion beams // Upgrade of ring accelerator facilities for FAIR // Info on collaboration and co. // And much more ... Subscription & Download

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