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Philipp Siedler Scientific Award 2009 for Renate Märtin



For the construction of a Bragg-crystal spectrometer as well as for the investigation of inner shell transitions in highly charged ions, done with this spectrometer, Renate Märtin of the Atomic Physics department at the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research and the Institut für Kernphysik of the Goethe-University Frankfurt received the Philipp Siedler Scientific Award.

Using the Kα emission linescopper, test measurements were done first to characterize the spectrometer and to enable then for the first time the direct measurement of the inner shell transition 1s2p3P2 → 1s2s3S1 in helium-like uranium. Studying x-ray transitions in highly charged ions is of high interest to check the QED as well as relativistic and electron correlation effects in strong Coulomb fields.

The Philipp Seilder Scientific Award will be awarded up to three times a year for outstanding graduate works from allphysical disciplines of the Goethe University Franfkurt, it is endowed with 1,000 Euro.

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Renate Märtin
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