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Behnken-Berger Prize 2008 for Thilo Elsässer



Dr. Thilo Elsässer from the Department of Biophysics at the GSI Helmholtzzentrum was awarded with the Behnken-Berger Prize 2008. The award ceremony took place on October 2, 2009 as part of the annual meeting of the Berlin-Brandenburg Society of Nuclear Medicine held in Potsdam, Germany.

Elsässer received the award for his work on modelling of radiation-damage in heavy ion cancer therapy. The Behnken-Berger Prize was presented to a young researcher of GSI in order for the second time in a row to a GSI-stage researcher. Last year Christoph Bert won the prize for his outstanding achievements in the further development of GSIs" tumor therapy in the area of moving target volumes. The Behnken-Berger Foundation awards the prize annually to young scientists. The prize money for 1st Price, received by Elsässer, is " 10,000. The Behnken-Berger Foundation goes back to the German physicist Hermann Behnken and his wife Traute Behnken-Berger. The foundation's purpose is to promote science and research in the field of radiation-protection with special emphasis on the promotion of young scientists.

To achieve the foundation"s purpose every year two junior scientists, who have made outstanding achievements in their fields of research, are awarded with the Behnken-Berger Prize, selected by a Board of Trustees.

Dr. Thilo Elsässer