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Foto: G. Otto
Die öffentliche Vortragsreihe „Wissenschaft für Alle“ von GSI und FAIR in Darmstadt startet nach der Sommerpause am 15. August 2018 mit ihrem neuen Vortragsprogramm. Den Auftakt macht Andree Blauckat von Merck KGaA mit seinem Vortrag "Warum es eine gute Idee für die Krebstherapie sein kann, die DNA-Reparatur zu hemmen".

Photo: M. Laatiaoui, GSI
Sizes and shapes of nuclei with more than 100 protons were so far experimentally inaccessible. Laser spectroscopy is an established technique in measuring fundamental properties of exotic atoms and their nuclei. For the first time, this technique was now extended to precisely measure the optical excitation of atomic levels in the atomic shell of three isotopes of the heavy element nobelium, which contain 102 protons in their nuclei and do not occur naturally. This was reported by an…

Photo: J. Hosan/GSI
It’s a significant moment for the scientific work at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the future accelerator center FAIR. Following a two-year break during which it underwent extensive modernization, the existing accelerator facility has been restarted very successfully and will soon be supplying researchers from around the world with a large variety of high-quality ion beams. This will mark the beginning of the experiment period scheduled for 2018, which also coincides with the…