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Every year about 1,200 scientists from all over the world come to GSI to conduct experiments at the accelerator facility. Many of them are students and PhD candidates. For them GSI offers special programs.

GET_INvolved Programme

The GET_INvolved programme intends to provide International students and early stage researchers with opportunities to perform Internships or Traineeships and early research experience in order to get involved in the Project while receiving scientific and technical training.

This initiative is intended to:

  • Offer an opportunity to the young students and early stage researchers to be part of the International Project FAIR by performing – Internships, Traineeships, Master thesis anddissertation within the project.
  • Creating synergies between collaborating Universities and advance technical institutes in shareholder countries by allowing – mobility opportunities of students and researchers and contribute to the project in research and development.
  • Building capacities for the research groups which are already collaborating to allow mobility of early stage and Postdoctoral researchers to be more effective within the framework of the project.

More information about the programme is hosted on the FAIR website.

Please follow this link GET_INvolved Programme. For queries and questions related to GET_INvolved, contact us via email International(at)fair-center.eu and International(at)gsi.de.

International Summer Student Program

The International Summer Student Program is designed for students of physics or related subjects who are close to completing their degrees. They spend eight weeks at GSI and conduct their own scientific projects. This way they participate in scientists’ everyday lives and get ideas in which specific field to graduate.

Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research (HGS-HIRe)

The graduate school HGS-HIRe is point of first contact and coordination for about 300 PhD candidates. HGS-HIRe guarantees excellent scientific education at the unique research facilities GSI and FAIR. At HGS-HIRe the competences of all participating universities are combined for the PhD candidates’ training. Additionally HGS-HIRe offers vocational preparation that goes beyond the scientific education.


Students who have to do an internship according to their examination rules can apply at GSI. Internships are possibly in the following areas: engineering mechanics, electronic engineering, technical drawing, administration, technology, IT, research. More details on the application procedure here (German).